Driver's license examinations

For all ages

You can contact us for your driving license tests (A, B, E).
The driving license test is also possible for people who are not registered in our practice!

Do you need a medical driver's license examination?
050-7440360 or fill in the contact form below.

The driver's license examination can be done at the practice as well as at your home.
De kosten voor de keuring zijn €50 in de praktijk en €100 aan huis.

If you bring the letter from the CBR with a ZD code to the practice, the inspection can be completed digitally. In that case, it will be processed faster by the CBR.

Let op: voor C en D rijbewijzen (vrachtwagen en bus), kunt u terecht bij:

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Do need a driver's license examination? Call 050-7440360.

You can also fill in this contact form.
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